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Photography talks and lectures

If you want me to give a presentation to your photographic society, camera club or college, please get in touch. Talks usually comprise a slide show, discussion and Q&As and can be tailored to your requirements.

The Covid-19 situation made in-person events impossible, but it has made Zoom a viable alternative. It also opened the possibility of talks to venues outside of the local area – even outside the UK. If you are looking to book a speaker, please get in touch.

I was one of the guest speakers at the Yorkshire Photographic Union ‘Keighley Day’ event 2019

Here’s a brief review of a previous event at Bradford Photographic Society.

Bradford Photographic Society felt very honoured to have had John Gill as one of the key Speakers in our syllabus during September 2016.  As President of BPS, I invited John, Bridget and Freya Gill, John took on the key speaker role with support from family.  Best ever street photographers we have experienced for a very long time at BPS.  Almost every image shown got a big WOW effect from members, followed by intense applaud, inspiring some in our group to pursue in the art of street photography, whole session was fascinating to view and very inspirational throughout.

John is an outstanding photographer who has the eye for perfect and very timely capture, followed closely by Bridget and Freya, specialising in street photography documenting life as it is today in Northern Cities and Towns, reflecting social structure and economy, capturing history in motion.  No doubt their images will be seen by many throughout UK and rest of the World as historical images of the North for many years to come.

John, Bridget & Freya projected themselves as outstanding, with immense knowledge of society’s current, social and cultural phase, hence their speciality of street photography.

I feel it is an honour to have connective links with Gill’s family, they are the best in whole of Yorkshire in my opinion.  Worthy of any photographic exhibitions and have the power of enlightening photography to attract general members of the public to the exhibitions.

Rais Hasan – LRPS LDPS

President Bradford Photographic Society

Upcoming talks

  • January 30th 2020 – Bradford Photographic Society – Reviewed on the BPS website
  • April 4th 2020 – Royal Photographic Society AGM – Wakefield – CANCELLED due to the coronavirus situation
  • April 27th 2020 – Castleford Camera Club – CANCELLED due to the coronavirus situation
  • October 14th 2020 – York Photographic Society – Will now be a Zoom event – Details here
  • October 28th 2020 – Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club (HPIC) – Will now be a Zoom event – Reviewed on the HPIC website
  • November 17th – York MIG – Zoom event
  • February 18th 2021 – Worcester Digibox – Zoom event
  • March 22nd 2021 – Driffield Photographic Society – Zoom event
  • April 13th 2021 – North Fylde Photo Society – Zoom event
  • May 11th 2021 – Brooklands Photographic Society – Zoom event
  • May 20th 2021 – Blind Veterans UK – Online event
  • September 20th 2021 – Radio Interview, 5-towns Radio
  • October 2nd 2021 – Queen’s Mill, Castleford (Literary event and exhibition opening)
  • October 4th 2021 – Castleford Camera Club
  • November 22nd 2021 – Dewsbury Camera Club
  • November 25th 2021 – Bon Accord, Aberdeen (Zoom Event)
  • March 8th 2022 – Sheffield Photographic Society
  • March 29th 2022 – Brooklands Photographic Society, Hull
  • May 29th 2022 – Royal Photographic Society Digital Imaging Group North West (Zoom event)
  • June 2nd 2022 – Dronfield Photographic Society
  • October 5th 2022 – Hebden Bridge Camera Club
  • October 11th 2022 – Progress Street & Art Photo Festival, Milan, Italy (Zoom Event)
  • October 20th 2022 – Forres Camera Club (Zoom Event)
  • October 27th – F4 Photographic Group, Hull
  • November 7th 2022 – Tiverton and Heathcoat Photographic Club (Zoom event)
  • December 8th 2022 – Motherwell camera club (Zoom event)
  • February 23rd 2023 – York Camera Club (Zoom event) –Reviewed here
  • March 6th 2023 – Bingley Photographic Society
  • March 10th 2023 – Ilkley Camera Club – Reviewed here
  • March 22nd – School of Photography Livestream (7:30pm) – Access here:
  • March 29th 2023 – High Peak Photography Club – Reviewed here
  • April 17th 2023 – “Camversation” Online Zoom event (tickets available)
  • June 5th 2023 – Garforth Camera Club
  • July 17th 2023 – Cleethorpes Camera Club (Zoom event)
  • September 27th 2023 – Todmorden Photographic Society
  • October 5th 2023 – East Grinstead Camera Club (Zoom event)
  • October 9th 2023 – Progressive Festival, Milan (Zoom event)
  • October 24th 2023 – Middlesborough/Halifax – Joint Zoom event
  • October 26th 2023 – Queen’s Park, Glasgow (Zoom event)
  • November 6th 2023 – Clay Cross Photographic Society
  • November 9th 2023 – H2 Photo Society (Zoom event)
  • November 14th 2023 – Bromsgrove Photographic Society (Zoom event) – Some feedback here
  • November 21st 2023 – Beverley Camera Club
  • December 1st – Beaumaris & Menai Bridge Camera Club (Zoom event)
  • January 16th 2024 – Leeds Photographic Society
  • March 20th 2024 – “Snapper Squad f2.8” Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • March 21st 2024 – Burton on Trent Photo Society
  • March 28th 2024 – Barnstaple Camera Club (Zoom event)
  • April 8th 2024 – Ripon Photo Society
  • April 18th 2024 – Dalston (Zoom event)
  • March 19th 2025 – Aireborough Photo Society