“It’s not about cameras or lenses – it’s all about the photographs; the people in them and the people who look at them”

What people are saying

Time flies by and I wonder if I have ever articulated how sensational I find your images.

I am talking way beyond all those superb technical skills you have. That's part of it, but, you go so far beyond, often capture a sense of character, of even spirit. The stories these images tell, all the people I feel like I have "met" - thank you John.

Your images clearly tell me a story about your heart and your spirit.

Keva MacGregor

Unapologetically honest, and in some cases tinged with humour, this collection of photographs document another important chapter in the story of Britain’s post-industrial heritage.

Imogen Holmes-Roe
Curator of Art & Photography

John Gill has an exceptional talent for telling a story with his photographic compositions.

His documentary style of photography is engaging and heart-warming, puzzling and thought-provoking.

Catharina Lindgren

Almost every image shown got a big WOW effect from members, followed by intense applause, inspiring some in our group to pursue in the art of street photography. The whole session was fascinating to view and very inspirational throughout.

Rais Hasan – LRPS LDPS
President Bradford Photographic Society

A very thought provoking set of images. Fabulously captured.... You have captured their emotions perfectly

M. Crossley

See more street photographs by John Gill at the After the Coal Dust website.

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