Leeds Pride 2019

Photographs from Leeds Pride 2019

A few pictures from Leeds Pride August 2019 I’m not the world’s greatest ‘event’ photographer. There’ll be far better pictures that capture the colour of the LGBT Pride parade and characters than I could take. My approach to Leeds Pride 2019 was that of a street photography opportunity, mingling with the crowds and grabbing a …

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Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey – coming off anti-depressants

“Cold Turkey” A photographic essay depicting the side-effects of ant-depressant withdrawal. 15 years or so ago I was prescribed a high dose anti-depressant (Dosulepin) as a muscle relaxant for a chronic spinal condition. A couple of years ago the drug was found to cause heart problems with extended use and is now being withdrawn by …

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YPU Keighley Day 2019

Yorkshire Photographic Union Keighley Day 2019

YPU Keighley Day 2019   I’ll be one of the guest lecturers at the Yorkshire Photographic Union (YPU) Keighley Day  2019. The event will be held at Pontefract, West Yorkshire on the 16th November 2019 More details at the YPU website                 Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Linkedin E-mail
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Photographers worth looking at

I thought it might be interesting to share a few links to the websites of a few photographers I like. I’ll try and add to the list over the coming weeks. Ando Fuchs http://www.ando-fuchs.at/ Merv Fitzhenry http://www.mervynlfitzhenry.com/ Wayne Kirk http://www.liquidimage.net.au/ Nic Salmon’s Notes in Passing https://notesinpassing.home.blog/   Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Linkedin E-mail
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Black and white film

Film vs Digital

Moving back to film photography?   Almost all the photographs on this site are shot on digital cameras. I haven’t shot on film for a long time but I have hundreds of negatives I’ve taken over the years a few of which I’ve scanned and appear on this page. I used to develop all my …

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Redcar – Fashionably unfashionable

There was a recent article in the Guardian Newspaper about the effects on industrial towns when the main industries close. This tied in closely with the After the Coal Dust project Bridget and I have been undertaking for the past few years. The Guardian article used Redcar in the North of England to illustrate the …

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