Scarborough 1980s

The Seaside

Scarborough and Bridlington – A photographer’s paradise   I never really had holidays as a kid. No transport, no father and no money. The closest we got was the ‘club trip’. Once a year, members and their relatives from the local Working Men’s Club were bundled onto a coach that invariably smelled of disinfectant and …

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Photographing the Homeless

A few thoughts on photographing the homeless   I’ve often seen the argument that street photographers shouldn’t photograph the homeless. The reasoning seems to roughly come down to three things: It’s too easy. It’s exploitative. All street photography is wrong. The ‘easy option’ The ‘they’re too easy a target’ seems to come primarily from street …

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YPU Keighley Day 2019

YPU Keighley Day 2019

A quick reminder that I’m one of the guest speakers at this years YPU Keighley Day in Pontefract on the 16th November. Below is the schedule for anyone interested in attending. Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Linkedin E-mail
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Leeds street photography

Leeds street photos – a few out-takes

Sorting through the reject pile One of the problems with street photography is there’s inevitably a lot of failures. Lots of camera shake, out of focus pictures and plenty of pictures that just aren’t very interesting. These are few ‘out-takes’ mainly taken in Leeds over the past year or two. Most aren’t strong enough as …

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Far right demo in Leeds 7th September

A few photos from the pro and anti Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (or Tommy Robinson as he likes to be called so that he appears to be a man of the people) demos in Leeds yesterday. Fortunately, the turn-out by the right-wing yobs was very low, far out-numbered by the counter-demonstration and the police. I don’t really …

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Photography paranoia

Photographers, Perverts and Paranoia

Photographers are the bad guys now A few days back a friend of Bridget’s was taking pictures in Bradford city centre, the City Park. Bridget’s friend is a keen amateur photographer who uses a Canon 5D DSLR. She is also in a wheelchair. She was approached by a woman who demanded to know what she …

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