Black and white photo of a man talking to police officers.

Reviews on my talk to High Peak Photography Club

Just thought I’d share a few of the comments made by those attending my talk at High Peak Photography Club in March. Many thanks to those who attended and the kind words.

For me, documentary/street photography of this kind is one of the most important genres of photography…recording how it is. Whilst some of the images were quite harrowing, John delivered his talk with empathy and humour. I loved his work and enjoyed listening to him talk about the people he photographed and the places where they resided in such a heart warming and sympathetic way. 

Fabulous evening!. I loved the relaxed way John delivered his presentation. I suspect his relaxed manner helps with his street photography. I enjoyed the humorous images but what really hit home was his approach to the people on the street, wanting to show the human side of his subjects not just what many perceive them to be. An inspiring talk!

Another very interesting speaker. I really enjoyed hearing about these themed images and how he has developed an on-going project. It was especially interesting hearing the photographer’s point of view regarding his photographs… the legalities, the sensitivities and the politics of such photographs. These images show the realities of the north/south divide and John does well to present them in such a heart warming and sympathetic way.

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