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Some feedback from Bromsgrove Photographic Society

A big thank you to Bromsgrove Photographic Society for hosting the Zoom talk on the 14th November 2023. Thank you too for forwarding some of the feedback.

I think as a Zoom presentation it was outstanding. There is always some trepidation when faced with Zoom presentations but John nailed it. Interesting throughout and engaging us in his humour. The subjects were also well found. A thoroughly entertaining evening. Thank you John, and of course our committee for seeking out this Zoom presentation 


Despite it being a Zoom talk, it was, lively, engaging, witty and very entertaining. Please invite him back.


I thought it was one of the most enjoyable talks I have been to for a long time. Real photos of real people, with a fun delivery but with some thought-provoking commentary too.


A really superb evening Jan, and one that shows that Zoom does not need to be a limiting factor.  What a demonstration of the power of monochrome.  John’s commentary was so informative and humorous.  And he expressed views that I feel sure that most of the audience would have thoroughly supported.


Moving on to the MAIN SESSION and the zoom talk ‘AFTER THE COAL DUST’ with John Gill, photographer of renown for street photography and documentary photography . It was a breath of fresh air. John’s very laid back style made listening very easy. He has a great sense of humour, which he uses to great effect in the description of his photography forays. There is a clear, well-captured story in each of his images. While the subjects of his images are not always easy on the eye, the life he has captured in his images, is fascinating. We were also shown a project he has undertaken, examples of the 100+ head shots that he had taken, very powerful! John did amazingly, given that he was just over Covid. He is certainly welcome to speak to us again and show us more of his fascinating images and the stories that they represent.

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