A black and white photo of an old woman laughing.

The camera never lies…

….but the truth is open to interpretation!

I’m always fascinated by the reactions some of the photos get and how preconceptions can influence the interpretation of the image. One of the things I aim for is to let the viewer add value to an image by creating their own stories around it. Sometimes a photograph can be too literal.

I’d posted one of these pictures of the woman below somewhere on Facebook and although it was well received one or two people added a ‘sad face’ or a ‘poor woman’ comment because they felt she looked upset.

Just to illustrate the point that photographs can be deceptive these pictures were taken candidly of the same woman within the space of a few minutes.

She was just sat with friends in a cafe but her expression could be taken as anything from upset to thoughtful to overjoyed within a very short space of time

People are much too complex to be summed up in a single image but a single image can say quite a lot about the viewer. Whether we decide the woman is upset, happy or whatever says as much about us than it does about her. That’s part of the appeal of photography.

These  four photos were taken candidly with the space of a couple of minutes.

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