Bridget Gill – Photographs

I’ve just added a new page to the site featuring photos taken by my wife Bridget. As well as being a massive support in my photography (and many other things) her photographs have been featured in all of the After The Coal Dust exhibitions. You can see a small selection of her work here  

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Original designs by Freya Gill

My daughter Freya is now selling some of her designs on Redbubble. If anyone is interested in original designs on T-Shirts, hoodies, stationery, phone cases head over to her store and take a look. Original designs by Freya Gill

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100 Faces – What we’re aiming for

Although the 100 Faces project features a series of photos that (hopefully) stand on their own merit the idea is to display the complete series as a 100sq. feet grid – depending on space either 10ft x 10ft or 20ft x 5ft. The image below is a very rough and ready mockup of what the finished project might…

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In the press!

The “After the Coal Dust” exhibition at Bradford Industrial Museum featuring photographs taken by myself, Bridget and Freya was featured as a double page spread in the Telegraph and Argus newspaper. Although this exhibition ended its 6-month run at the end of April the prints are now part of the Museum’s permanent collection. A new exhibition is…

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