After the Coal Dust exhibition - Tokyo

After the Coal Dust hits Japan!

When we started with the street photos we didn’t really think they’d be of interest to many people at all, at best one or two local people might be able to relate to them. For one thing quite a lot of people really hated the photos (and us for doing it!) and also the pictures seemed peculiarly ‘local’.

It’s strange to think they’re now on display at the other side of the world. From April 28th until the end of May a selection of images from the ‘After the Coal Dust’ project by Bridget and me are being exhibited at Gallery Ten in Tokyo, Japan.…/289-after-the-coal-dust

A big thank you to Ken Uwaso for arranging things.

A few words from the gallery.

“This day has finally come,” I thought, in the exhibition’s opening day.

I showcased photos of John Gill and Bridget Gill at my Gallery TEN from 27 April to 28 May. We cannot share space. But with advances in Internet technology, could we share our experiences? Based on that idea, I have begun trying to introduce the excellent works of foreign photographers in this gallery; Gallery TEN in Tokyo.

And this time, the photos of John and Bridget were exhibited. The excellent photo makes a strong impression on the people of the world, that is beyond words. The photo works of John and Bridget impressed those who saw it, even on an island nation on the eastern edge of the Eurasian continent. In “AFTER THE COAL DUST,” the people who are left behind in the rapidly changing world are portrayed candidly. There is no sentimental point of view of the photographer, even which evokes a great impression on the viewer. And it was the same here in Tokyo.

We would like to thank John and Bridget for providing their photos to this exhibition.

Ken Uwaso

Owner, Gallery TEN, Tokyo.

…and in the original Japanese 🙂

いよいよこの日がやってきた。 4月27日から5月28日までGallery TENでジョン・ギルとブリジット・ギルの写真を展示したのだ。 私たちは空間を共有することはできない。しかし、インターネット技術の進歩に伴い、経験を共有することが出来るのではないか? その考えに基づいて、私はこの東京のGallery TENで外国人写真家の優れた作品を紹介し始めた。そしてこのたびはジョンとブリジットの写真を展示した。 素晴らしい写真は、言葉を超えて、世界中の人々に強い印象を与える。ジョンとブリジットの作品は、ユーラシア大陸の東端にある島国でさえ、見た人たちに感銘を与えた。 『AFTER THE COAL DUST』では、急速に変化する世界に取り残された人々が率直に描かれている。そこには写真家の感傷的な視点はなく、それでも見る人に大きな印象を与えます。そして、それはここ東京でも同じだった。 この展覧会に写真を提供してくれたジョンとブリジットに感謝します。

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