A black and white photo of an old man looking through a magnifying glass.

An hour in Leeds

If you look too hard for photos they probably won’t be there. Just be ready for when they are 🙂

One of the questions that seem to come up regularly when I give the lectures is ‘do you plan a photo expedition and what gear do you use?’

One of the things with street photography is that it doesn’t need any planning – it’s just a case of having a camera with you. All the photos on this page were taken whilst walking around Leeds one afternoon in January. It wasn’t a ‘photo expedition’ (it very rarely is!) – it was as much about passing an hour, having lunch, and getting a bit of shopping.

All the pictures were taken candidly on a pocket camera – a Canon G7x. Sometimes if you go looking for pictures like these it is easy to over-think it, take too much gear and be disappointed when the results aren’t worthwhile. Just carry a camera and see what happens 🙂

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