Front cover of the book TWO by John Gill

New book release “TWO”

I’m pleased to announce I’ve a new book out 🙂

Called “TWO” it’s produced through the Progressive Publishing House (PPH) and is available in both digital and physical formats.

The 84 page hardcover (21cmx21cm) has around 100 photographs loosely based on the theme of couples.

All ordering is handled directly by the Progressive website –

TWO is a collection of photographs taken by the renowned photographer, John Gill. Capturing moments of real life, this book of photographs shows the world through John’s unique perspective. With around a hundred black and white images, TWO celebrates life and all its complexities. Over 84 pages, this book allows you to take a glimpse into John’s world. With its thoughtful design and gritty imagery, TWO is an inspiring journey for anyone interested in photography.

February 2023

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